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What is plano Eyecheck?

Regular eye check-ups made easy, affordable and convenient.

plano Eyecheck is an online platform that helps you book an eye check with your preferred optometrist at a time and location most convenient to you. Regular and timely eye checks are important to better prevent and manage eye conditions, such as myopia (short-sightedness).

  • Get reminded of your child’s next eye test
  • Update and keep track of your child’s eye health record including myopia
  • Access exclusive offers from our partners

What is a comprehensive eye examination?

More than an eye screening and eyesight test.

A comprehensive eye examination is a 1-on-1 consultation with a trained eye professional (e.g., optometrist) who performs a complete eye health assessment and vision test including myopia management.

How do I book an eye examination?

Booking an optometrist eye exam with plano Eyecheck is simple.

  1. Register for an account, and verify your email
  2. Add your child’s profile
  3. Book an optometrist appointment by selecting your preferred location on the map
  4. Receive an email confirmation, and go for your eye check up appointment to receive your comprehensive eye vision test!