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About planoEyecheck
The planoEyecheck is part of the Plano Ecosystem and is your companion to healthy eyes throughout your life.
Why eye check ?
  • Early detection and management of potential vision and eye problems
  • Prevent unnecessary vision loss or blindness
  • Reduce the risks of developing high myopia
  • Reduce future eye health costs
Benefits of planoEyecheck
  • Easy 1-minute booking
  • Find an optometrist near you
  • Convenient appointment tracking
  • Book for your friends & family!
Types of Eye checks

Myopia control

Children who have rapidly progressing myopia may be treated to try to slow the deterioration of their vision and to reduce the risk of irreversible eye problems later in life.

Child eye care

Depending on the age, a child eye checkup will include eye movement, eye alignment, and depth perception tests. For older children, the eye checkup is similar to an adult’s, consisting of a vision test, spectacle services, and collecting information on their eye health.

Adult eye care

Adult eye care includes checking the health of the eye, collecting information on your eye health, a vision test, spectacle services, and routine eye checkup such as diabetic eye screening.

Sport vision control

Your optometrist will help you find the best vision solution if you play sports such as sports glasses, contact lenses and more.

Contact lens services

Your optometrist will conduct a vision test to check your eyes’ latest prescription and determine the best type of contact lenses for you.

Dry eyes management

Your optometrists will look at the health of the surface of your eye and will ask you questions about your health, medication use and lifestyle to determine the likely cause and best management plan.
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