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About Us
Founded in 2017 and affiliated with the Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore Eye Research Institute and National Health Innovation Centre, Plano launched the world’s first science-based parental control application, planoApp, with a corporate vision to “Keep all eyes healthy in our digitized world”.
Today, Plano has created an ecosystem comprising of planoApp, planoEyecheck, planoShop and planoKids that offers a wide range of eye health wellness solutions for all kids, parents and adults.
World's first science-based parental control app that protects your child's eyes.
Our science-based app helps you manage your child's screen time and empowers them to develop good device use behavior whilst keeping them cyber-safe and their eyes healthy.
One-stop spot for fun-filled family activities, kid-friendly products and services
Get rewarded for your child's good device use behavior! Receive exclusive discounts and offers for planoApp users.
The Plano Adventures book series guides your kids to care for their own eyes, the fun way
Perfect learning tool for your child to help them understand screen time management, gaming addiction, the importance of outdoor time and more. Check out our story-telling programs!
Community Services
Plano reaches out to schools and corporate communities to address myopia, digital device addiction, better screen time management and more - all to prevent the spread of the myopic epidemic around the world. Find out more about what we do.
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