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What is plano Eyecheck?

plano Eyecheck is an easy-to-use online platform that makes finding and booking your eye care appointments for you and your family convenient and affordable.

How does plano Eyecheck work?

To request an appointment through plano Eyecheck, you will first need to register and create an account. Finding an optometrist is easy. Simply tell us where you are located or the name of the store you wish to visit if you already have an optometrist in mind by typing this information into the search bar on the plano Eyecheck homepage.

Select your optometrist by clicking on the location pin of your choice based on service required or location. You can then make an appointment request by clicking the ‘Book Now’ icon and selecting your preferred date and time and required service. You will then receive confirmation of your appointment from your selected optometrist either by email or phone.

What are the benefits of plano Eyecheck?

plano Eyecheck helps to match you with the right services and products for your eye care needs. With a variety of optometry partners across various locations in Singapore, plano Eyecheck makes it easy for you to make an appointment request at your preferred partner optometrist. Additionally, you get to enjoy exclusive discounts with our optometry partners.

Who can use plano Eyecheck?

plano Eyecheck can be used for families with children aged between 6 months to 16 years old. The appointment request can be made for your child, but you can take the opportunity to get your own eyes checked as well!

How do I register for an account to book an appointment on plano Eyecheck?

If you are an existing plano app user, you can easily make a booking through the “Progress” page of your child’s profile. If you don’t have an existing plano app account*, you may download our app here to create one. Alternatively, you may register for an account on this website.

*Note: It is not necessary to download the plano app to use plano Eyecheck. However, we encourage using it to keep track of your child’s eye health status and myopia progression in the “Progress” page of your child’s profile.

How do I change/cancel my booking on plano Eyecheck?

To change/cancel your appointment, simply call the clinic with whom placed your booking with.

Can I make more than one booking if I have more than one child?

Yes, you may! After making an appointment request, there will be an option for you to make additional requests, if required.


My child receives eye checks as part of their annual health screening at school. Isn’t that enough?

In Singapore, the annual health screening program in schools is an important first step as it identifies those with reduced vision. But even before that, about 11% of Singaporean children already develop myopia between the early ages of 6 months to 6 years. Thus, it is recommended that children still attend an eye check at an optometrist to continuously evaluate and treat any eye conditions.

Why should my children go for regular eye checks?

Certain eye conditions such as myopia can progress very rapidly in children and it is important for them to get regular eye checks so that any vision loss can be detected, managed and treated. This will ensure that your child can see properly and enjoy learning and socialising with good vision.

How often should my kids go for an eye check?

According to the Singapore National Eyecare Centre (SNEC), children between 3 to 20 years old should have their eyes checked once every one to two years.

How can I help my child develop good eyesight from a young age?

As a parent, there are many things you can do to safeguard your child’s eyesight. Ensuring that your child has annual eye examinations at a trusted optometry service provider will ensure that they have good vision and that any deterioration in their vision, such as from myopia, can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

Your child’s environment can also have a great impact on their eye health. Research has shown that children who do not spend enough time outdoors and who spend too much time on near work activities, such as reading books and using smart devices, are at greater risk of myopia and other eye problems. Ensuring that your child develops a healthy relationship with their smart device is therefore likely to benefit their eyesight. You can help by ensuring that they do not use their devices excessively and that they take regular breaks from their devices. It is also recommended that children spend at least 2 hours outside during daylight hours everyday.


What is myopia?

Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness, is a disorder of the eye that affects people’s ability to see distant objects clearly. Myopia is usually diagnosed by an optometrist in school-aged children based on the results of an eye check.

What causes myopia?

Myopia is a complex eye condition, where both our genes and environment play a role in its onset and progression. Children who have parents and siblings with myopia are more likely to develop myopia, however environmental risk factors, such as lack of outdoor activity, poor eye habits & excessive near work activity (eg. too much time on smart devices) play a significant role in the development & progression of myopia.

Can myopia be cured?

Unfortunately, myopia cannot be cured. However, it can be delayed or slowed down by ensuring good eye care and device use habits are practiced. This includes taking regular eye breaks, such as putting their devices/books away after 30 minutes of use, and getting enough quality time outdoors. Going for regular and timely eye check-ups is also important to ensure early detection of myopia and other eye health conditions.


Please consult your eye health specialist for any questions concerning your appointments/prescriptions/specific eye conditions etc.
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